Sema Tihan


Sema Tihan, New Jersey resident and graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Sema has been studying holistic and complementary healing methods for over 20 years through practices in energy healing, yoga, meditation, nutrition and other disciplines. Her experience has been that in order to heal the body and ‘dis-ease’ or to maintain optimal health systems we must first heal and balance our emotions, minds and spirits and learn to manage stress. She believes Reiki is the tool we can all easily use to accomplish these goals.

Sema’s first Reiki attunement was in 2004 and she is the founder of the Reiki Healing Center of NJ. She runs a fulltime Reiki practice, teaches classes and volunteers at local hospitals with integrative therapy offerings for Oncology patients. She hopes that these efforts, along with her public speaking will spread the awareness of this healing method and its many gentle benefits.