Reiki: Mom's best tool for kids


I don’t know of anything more gratifying for a parent than to be able to ease the suffering of their child.  And this is my #1 reason for LOVING and practicing Reiki.  Heck I opened up a Center and made it my mission and purpose to teach and help people with this therapy!

Last night my 8 year old son started complaining about gas and cramps in his belly and asked me to give him Reiki, thinking it was because he didn’t want to finish his homework and go to bed, I basically ignored him (yes, that’s mama guilt in my words, I forgive myself)… At 10:30 PM he came crying to my bed and then ran into the bathroom to start evacuating… and asked for me to take care of him and give him Reiki.  We started the process and since Reiki is about detoxification as I worked on him I knew he would continue to evacuate, but feel no pain in between because I was giving him Reiki.  When I felt the evacuation was done intuitively and by the perception of my hands, I gave him a tablet of activated charcoal and started working on him in earnest.  He fell almost immediately asleep… and stayed asleep without a stir until the our alarm rang in the morning.

I must have worked on him for close to 2 hours…and while I was on his stomach other sites also called to me… I felt him release his stress and tension as the minutes and hours went by.  And wonderfully enough with each release that came up his breathing would change and get slower and deeper (he’s usually a snorer).  No snoring, no tossing and turning just restful deep sleep.

So all of my experience, all of the hours with clients, teaching students was condensed to this one moment.   Being able to ease my child’s suffering through his belly ache, and know unequivocally that whenever anything hurts we can fix it with Reiki.