The ONE thing you can start doing to change your life!


Incorporate stillness into your daily routine.

 This alone will take you from being a pinball, yes a pinball, that gets shot out of the tube every morning into life.  From there flippers bounce you around at a dizzying pace sometimes crashing into the bumpers, sometimes scoring, most often just running out of time without a high score.  There’s a sense of being out of control, too many lights, bells are ringing, too many things to do all at once, well you get the idea or you are already living it.

 Incorporating stillness changes all of that.  When you practice it in the morning it eases you into the day.  It gets your mind aligned with your heart and intentions.  And, importantly you live your life consciously.  The days don’t just blur into one another with us left wondering, where did that week, month, year, decade, lifetime, go?


The benefits are many but here are a few:

 Calm, an implacable presence and groundedness*

 Clarity.  Being able to prioritize and make decisions with ease.

 Productivity.  You get more done! 

Laser Focus.  Not getting caught up in the static and overwhelm of your mind.  You can focus and get tasks done.  Instead of leaving each ½ done as your mind whirls you around like a dervish to the next task with panic and anxiety.

 People respond to YOU with calm and presence.


Are these benefits worth an investment of a few minutes of your time? 


 So, you may now be asking what is stillness, how do I do it? Do I have to stand on my head, or fold my legs like a pretzel?  Well for some of us that comes naturally, but for most of us NOT!

 Incorporating stillness can be as easy as sitting in a straight back chair, (back needs to be straight) and taking some deep breaths.  Physiologically, it takes about 6 deep breaths to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and our exhalation has to be slightly longer that your inhalation.  Setting a meditation timer (tons of apps that do this) relieves us of having to keep checking the time.  To see this in action go to my youtube channel:  Sema Tihan.

 How long do I have to do this, you ask?  Because I have a busy busy life!!  Well part of my response is what are you so busy with?  What can you NOT DO to give yourself some time to make an investment in your life?  But before we get to that… you can start with 5 minutes in the morning, and 5 minutes in the evening before repose.   This is your starting point…That question is a bit like asking how can I train to run the NYC marathon and I say, well…start by walking around the block…ultimately we will increase our stillness time to 20-30 minutes twice a day, but let’s not worry about that now. 

 Oh and this is the cool part, it’s scientifically proven that your brain and physiology IMMEDIATELY start changing (positively) in response to these exercises...It may take days, or weeks to fully live all the benefits. 


What’s the recourse to not starting or delaying our start? 

We stay in our “busy” habits and weeks, months, years later we're still in the same place, wondering the same thing…It’s your choice.


No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.  Einstein

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 Sema Tihan

Director and Founder

The Reiki Healing Center of NJ